About Medicare Insurance

Medicare was enacted by the Congress of the United States in the 1960's.  It has evolved over the decades since that time. No longer is it just a Federal Plan with the need for supplemental insurance.   

There are Options that have evolved over time. 

The Healthy Living Personal Insurance Program

As you age your Insurance needs Change.  There are a progression of Goals depending on your stage in Life, your health and your age. 

What Medicare supplement or advantage Plan you need depends on all these factors.  Another factor that is important is what is your financial situation! 

Morin Associates takes all these factors into consideration before making a recommendation.  Why do you need a recommendation? The decision remains yours. 

Morin Associates will be your Guide. Greg will help you though the many steps in the decision making process.  He will then guide yo through selecting and enrolling in the appropriate Advantage Plan or Supplement that best meets your needs. 

Can I do this myself? NO Why? All agents of an insurance provider will only recommend their particular plan and product.  They will not take your individual Needs, your individual Health, Your individual Goals, or your individual finances into consideration. 

The Senior Planning Center and Morin Associates will guide though the many different Options available to you. 

Make Age only a number.  Live Life to its fullest. Let us help you achieve this goal. 

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